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Your phone system in the cloud, embrace the future

Exploiting of the advancements in internet broadband technology to create stable, faster and more affordable service, a hosted telephone system allows small and medium sized businesses to have sophisticated solutions without the investment in traditional equipment.
Your telephone system is hosted and operated in the cloud by the provider and connected via the internet connection providing you with a range of calling features and applications whilst benefitting from the reduced call costs of 'VOIP' internet telephony.  A hosted system, often called "Hosted Voip" allows your employees to work anywhere they have an internet connection or even using a mobile phone application and still be connected to the same office telephone system. Employees can use a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen based virtual phone to connect with the system to provide a variety of options to enhance the way your business communicates.


  • Initial cost savings as you do not have the upfront costs of purchasing the traditional PBX telephony management equipment.

  • Ongoing cost saving by utilising the reduced call costs of voice over internet telephony.

  • Flexibility for you and your employees in the location you work from. You no longer have to be in the office to connect to the office phone system.

  • Scalability:- Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle and how many physical lines the business has. Hosted systems can expand and grow when you need to

  • Local presence:- Hosted systems allow you to get virtual numbers for other towns and cities without you needing to be physically located there. Allowing you to open a virtual office in New York or the UK.

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